How to Argue with Statistical Data?

Every ten years, in these European countries, the federal government collects data on the condition of the people. Several employees go from house to house asking questions about the lifestyle of the population. These data were given the names of statistics.

Statistical studies have as objective to interrogate one or more characteristics that the instances of a certain group have in common. It can be of a finite sample, as the products manufactured during a day, or infinite as the amount of stars of the Universe (SILVA, 2009).

The data that this calculation generates are used for the most diverse purposes by the top management of the companies. Sometimes other small samples are sampled from infinite quantities.

Because they present an extremely high value in view of scientific and mathematical value, the statistical data are very much placed in the argumentative essay text. Since time and money are spent on research and looking for proof .

According to Silva, the statistics are taken from a finite or infinite portion of some product to be studied. Going to meet them, Elias claims that they are very valuable forms because of their accuracy, time and money spent.

Here is an example of how to organize a paragraph with this information:

  • About 5 percent of the world’s population ages 15-64, which represents an average of 243 million people, use illicit drugs according to data released by the UN World Drug Report.
  • It is evident, before this table that to put statistical data is a good strategy to construct an argumentative text. It is up to the academic to search for reliable and up-to-date sources.

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