Argument with Questioning

Being of an optional nature, the questions may raise points that have not yet been imagined by the author. They should also be grounded so that the critic is inserted into the context.

Argument By Quote

The use of citations is advised mainly in the theoretical reference of scientific articles and academic works of graduations of higher level. It can be from books, newspapers, magazines and other different media.

Faced with these data, it is correct to say that no matter how well their arguments are correct, they will have no value if they are not proved. For this, citations of various types can be used.

Types of Citations

There are three types of citations that can be used within the body of argumentative essay text. There are some types to choose from: direct quote, indirect quote and quote quote.

According to Santos, Molina and Dias they are classified in three different ways.

Direct quote – when the passage is written in the same way as the original work;
Indirect citation – when the author’s idea is rewritten with the student’s own words;
Quote quotation – when the quoted was not obtained from the original text, but quoted by others.

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